QR Patrol Quick User Guide

A quick guide to learn QR-Patrol through 15 simple steps.

Checkpoint scan (NFC, QR Code)

MME - pictures, voice messages, personal signatures

Create scheduled routes

Pull reports and logs using filters

TEST - SOS alert

Two way communication text messages

Real time position monitoring

Inform clients by e-mail for any occured incident

QR-Patrol is the smartest real time and on-line guard tour and patrol system.

SSL encrypted communication between mobile devices, the servers and web browsers.

Accurate positioning provided by GPS, Wi-Fi , GSM Network.


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QR-Patrol guard tour system

QR-Patrol is a real-time online guard tour system based on NFC and QR-code tags use. The staff scans tags placed on locations and assets and the Monitoring Center gets informed in real-time about incidents and actions. Any time a QR-code or NFC tag is scanned, the information will be sent to the web application via a cloud server and the staff will have immediate control on buildings and locations all over the world.

Each guard conducting a guard tour is armed with a unique technology. He can manage all of his work via a smartphone and complete guard tours in total control of occurring incidents. Inspections and guard tours are supplemented with the ability to attach pictures, voice messages, notes and signatures to the scanned items and the staff can inform immediately the facility managers who are responsible for monitoring assets and locations.

All kinds of assets and buildings, from departments, locations, warehouses, transportation areas, airports, stores and remote areas can be set under total control as facility managers and staff can manage information for any different client account from one location.

A “guard online” monitoring system

A security company facility manager responsible for guard tours has to answer the following questions:

Which tours each guard has to accomplish?

How their locations will be always tracked?

Where are the checkpoints (NFC, QR-code) assigned for each location?

Will the guards tour the locations at their own will or will they follow a strict or a loose schedule assigned to them?

How often will they conduct their inspections and how will they communicate incidents to the Center?

A cloud guard tour system solves all of the above problems via a simple web interface. Facility managers can now analyze data and export multiple reports in real-time. All data can be viewed filtered by date range and status. All scheduled, overdue, missed, passed and failed scans can be reviewed in real-time.

There is a thorough proof of guard tours and location inspections. You can ensure that a guard will now be a “guard online” and will be held accountable for all scheduled tours and location inspections, eliminate ambiguity in work processes.