QR-Patrol GOLD: The Ultimate Weapon to master your security guard tours

Get the utmost functionality of your QR-Patrol subscription!

QR-Patrol GOLD is the full edition of QR-Patrol software. It includes all the features you could imagine in an advanced real-time cloud guard tour monitoring system.

Switching to a GOLD plan means that you can now gain full access to all QR-Patrol PRO features plus some extra unique features such as guard trail, customized reporting, virtual checkpoints etc.

Guard Trail

Security Administrators can now have full control over the patrols executed: Guard Trail feature enables the drawing of a path line on the map. You can even play the guard trail on animation!

So, following the guard’s position, QR-Patrol Gold will give you a detailed view of the route of your guards without losing time to read complex data and seeking for each events’ position!

Logo on Reports & Guard Photo

Subscribers of GOLD version plans can now upload their own company logo on the system, which is included in the exported reports!

Moreover, you can now distinguish your guards not only by their name but from their photo too, as GOLD version enables guard photo upload on the system.

Personalized Login Screen

You can now enjoy a better User Experience for you and your clients, by configurating your own personalized login screen!

It means that you can change the initial look of QR-Patrol system by uploading your own background photo and customize it according to your personal feel!

Virtual Checkpoints

Virtual Checkpoints eliminate the need of physical checkpoints. You will define an area per each “checkpoint”, and if the guard position is within that area the scanning can take place automatically without any further action needed!


Your clients will now be safer than ever. QR-Patrol GOLD will offer you a mobile app with geolocation feature and SOS button so as to immediately inform the security company about a dangerous situation to take action!

Advanced customized reporting

Advanced customized reporting is a major update in the system, as data analysis and reporting lead to improved decision making, high performance and eventually business growth.

The advanced customized reporting tool will enable you to create any report you may imagine using data from your QR-Patrol account. Additionally, we’ve gathered the most-wanted reports based on your valued feedback, that will be included in a new, ready-to-use collection available for GOLD users!

Actions Log

The Actions Log feature is essentially a “tool” to monitor all the actions made by the users of the web application. You can monitor anything related with adding, assigning, editing or removing entities in the web application.

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QR-Patrol BASE

    •  Incident Reporting
    •  Monitoring Tools
    •  Geolocation
    •  Scheduling

QR-Patrol PRO

    •  Mobile Management
    •  Push to Talk
    •  Man Down Alert
    •  API Access

QR-Patrol GOLD

    •   Trail Workers
    •   Personalized Login Screen
    •   Branded Reports
    •   Virtual Checkpoints