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Push to Talk communication, Mobile management, Man Down Alert and API Interface

QR-Patrol PRO includes some unique features which are not available in QR-Patrol edition. Switching to a PRO plan means that you can now gain full access to QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. and QR-PTT applications as well as API access. Also, you can now activate Man Down functionality and enjoy ultimate experience of QR-Patrol system.

QR-Patrol M.A.R.S.

QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. is a mobile application specially designed to enable mobile guard tour monitoring and management. No matter where you are located, either on your office or outside drinking coffee, you can just tap on your smartphone and totally organize guard tours and monitor officers’ location.

Using QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. you can get real-time events (no need to refresh) any time a new event is occuring. The application is a suberb way to keep an eye on your tasks 24/7 and get quick reports for any client and site.

QR-PTT application

QR-PTT application has been developed so as to be fully integrated with QR-Patrol system and help guards and security officers to interact immediately with each other, reducing communication costs. Some of the core features of the application are:

  •  Communicate via secure SSL encryption
  •  Working through 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi networks
  •  Simulation of Walkie Talkie functionality
  •  Run in background mode
  • Man Down Functionality

    QR-Patrol functinality relies on a cloud technology: When a security guard sends an incident through the mobile application, an immediate notification is sent to the web application and the managing staff gets informed in real-time. But what if the security guards have to face an urgent situtation and cannot reach their smartphones?

    This is the reason why we developed Man Down alert! Man Down is simple to understand: When a security officer collapses, falls or slips due to an unpredictable risk or hazard, a Man Down notification is sent to the Monitoring Center so that immediate action will be taken. Man Down functionality relies on the use of a sensor clip, which is placed on security guard’s uniform.

    Increase your security guard company’s efficiency

    QR-Patrol guard system incorporates several features that will help you maximize your productivity and gain customers’confidence.

    Forms Integration

    Forms are a new way for Patrol Managers to send instructions, ask questions to the guards or even let them fill in any comments or information they wish to.

    Using a friendly interface in the QR-Patrol web application, you can now assign a form to one or more checkpoints: every time the checkpoint is scanned, the form will appear in order to be filled by the guard. You can use form functionality by subscribing to a PRO account!

    API Interface

    QR-Patrol PRO is now available to be connected to third party applications through the brand new Application Program Interface (API). The API can be used to extract information from QR-Patrol system, as well as perform a set of actions and use QR-Patrol data for your own needs!

    The possibilities are endless:

  •  Connect QR-Patrol to external 3rd party systems such as alarm call centers/ CRM
  •  Retrieve information such as Guard Activity and use it to build your personal tools (e.g. customised reports)
  •  Add more value to your personal applications and perform your work more effectively
  • Indoor Location

    QR-Patrol is now able to provide you with indoor location; by placing beacons in certain areas, the location on the map will be much more accurate than the beacons Found&Lost feature, and you will be also able to find where your guards are even if there is no GPS coverage!

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    QR-Patrol BASE

      •  Incident Reporting
      •  Monitoring Tools
      •  Geolocation
      •  Scheduling

    QR-Patrol PRO

      •  Mobile Management
      •  Push to Talk
      •  Man Down Alert
      •  API Access

    QR-Patrol GOLD

      •   Trail Workers
      •   Personalized Login Screen
      •   Branded Reports
      •   Virtual Checkpoints